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Full height turnstile


It is understood that people on the construction site are confused and the specific workload and work efficiency are difficult to count. Through the installation of the pedestrian channel to the construction worker's one-card system, the effective management of the workers on the site, food, material management, and other systems can be improved. Then, what kind of access gate is suitable for the construction site?
Passage gates have a variety of styles such as three-roll gates, swing gates, wing gates, word gates, rotary gates, and barrier-free access systems. In recent years, access gates have become more and more widely used, and people can often see them in subways, stations, scenic spots, and halls. What kind of gates will be selected for the project on site? The Innovation and Technology Editor recommends starting from the following aspects.
First of all, understand the differences between various types of gates such as three-roll gates, swing gates, wing gates, and word gates:
1. Three stick gates: composed of three rods, the rod length is 52cm, and the gap of the rod can only accommodate one person. It is suitable for controlling one-way or two-way flow of people.
2, swing gate: the length of the swing rod can be customized, single rod length standard 60cm, up to 90cm, so double channel width up to 180cm, suitable for one-way or two-way control of human traffic, traffic (electric cars, tricycles).
3, wing gate: At least two wings composition, channel width is generally less than 60cm, suitable for one-way or two-way control of human traffic.
4. Full-height turnstiles: Barrier-free access gates are not equipped with gates. After passing through infrared sensors, they check passersby to reach obstacle-free cartoons or directly calculate the flow of people. The channel gate device can ensure 35 people in one minute, which is suitable for applications where the traffic efficiency and overall beauty are high.
5, a word gate: a rod composition, channel width is generally less than 60cm, suitable for one-way or two-way control of human traffic.
Contrast site suggestions:
1. Public places requiring ticket checking, such as scenic spots, stadiums, theaters, station wharves, etc., can choose three-sluice gates, wing gate gates, and swing gates, combined with the use of ticket checking systems to achieve orderly passage for pedestrians.
2. For places with strict security measures, such as financial institutions, electronic engineering anti-static control areas, etc., smart wing gates and smart triple gate gates can be selected to realize intelligent access control and attendance; it can also be combined with face recognition, fingerprint identification, etc. Use to improve security measures.
3. Places that need to be authorized to enter, such as construction sites, canteens, golf courses, clubs, schools, hospitals, communities, etc., can select intelligent three-roll gates to realize intelligent access control according to the characteristics of pedestrian flow and traffic flow at the site. Attendance, consumption, etc.
What kind of access gates are suitable for use on the site? Shenzhen Innovations Technology is a professional manufacturer of electromechanical integration products for intelligent channel gates. It mainly provides three-roll gates, swing gates, wing gates, word gates, and translations. Gates, gates, gates, speed gates, passage gates and other products are available in different styles and grades. According to the past cases and the general needs of customers, there are more three-roller gates in the construction site. Three-roll gates are more adaptable to the environment than other gates. At present, our brushless three-roll gates are more capable and can solve the needs of site management and attendance. Shenzhen full height switch

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